Rochester Silver Works Announces X-Ray "Shucking" Services

Rochester Silver Works Announces X-Ray Film Sorting (“Shucking”) Services
January 17, 2013

Rochester, NY - Rochester Silver Works, LLC (RSW) has announced that beginning in 2013, the company will be offering Sorting (“shucking”) Services of medical x-rays for customers looking to recycle these materials for precious metal reclaim. Previously,
RSW only accepted pre-sorted (or stripped) film, but in this move, the company now offers dedicated Sorting Services to customers, including certified destruction of all materials (paper and film). Target time per trailer load is projected to be 1 week. Pricing is standard, based on incoming (gross) weight.

“The addition of our dedicated Sorting Service demonstrates our ongoing commitment to best serving the needs of our customer base and their support of storage facilities, hospitals and other medical facilities. It fulfills a critical need by supplying reliable and traceable destruction of records, while minimizing turn-around times, enabling them to focus their efforts on providing excellent on-site service to their customers." - William Stewart, Vice President and General Manager

The expansion of Sorting Services by RSW is part of the company’s continuing evolution to better serve its expanding customer base. RSW is a large volume receiver and recycler of silver coated films (average over 20M lbs per year). RSW has been washing silver based plastics for nearly 90 years and is considered the largest volume silver reclaim company in North America. The Company accepts medical x-ray (analog and thermal), industrial, litho, motion movie and other silver coated films including PET and acetate. RSW also refines scrap and industrial waste to 99.99% purified silver. RSW offers expertise in various types and silver concentrations associated with these films and other materials, providing higher than average cash returns to customers, due to its greater level of silver recovery and payout.

In 2011, RSW became an independent company, separating from Eastman Kodak. In 2012, RSW restructured its standard contract to make the company more user friendly to a broader field of customers, and developed a regional sales team.

For more information, contact us:

Eileen Cear (East Coast Sales Manager)
(516) 410-6921

Chuck Hirbour (West Coast Sales Manager)

(714) 403-7035

Greg Munier (All other sales)
(585) 743- 1624