Rochester Silver Works Builds on its Historical High Standards

Rochester Silver Works Builds on its Historical High Standards
February 18, 2014

ROCHESTER, NY - Rochester Silver Works, LLC (RSW) produces and sells some of the highest quality, invariant silver nitrate available on today’s market. 

RSW (the former silver department of Eastman Kodak) perfected the silver nitrate manufacturing process over several decades while manufacturing chemicals for the exacting standards and specifications of the photographic industry. 
Today, RSW’s finely automated process starts with silver metal that is >99.99% pure and high grade nitric acid. The mixture is then further purified to produce the highest quality and most consistent silver nitrate commercially available on today’s market greater than ACS and UPS grades). The quality and consistency of RSW’s material eliminates the need for ongoing production corrections and adjustments in upstream processes, often associated with lot-to-lot variations in material supplied from other sources. RSW silver nitrate also removes impurities that could create color, stability or other quality problems in next step processes. 
RSW Silver Nitrate is available in solid or liquid with a variety of packaging options. The annual process capacity is over 4 million Kilos. 

Contact Chip Milligan at 585-743-1012 or with questions or to discuss your company’s specific packaging and delivery requirements.