Silver and Gold Refining at RSW

Silver and Gold Reclaim and Refining Services at RSW
October 3, 2014

Rochester Silverworks, LLC (RSW), is a world leader in film recycling and silver chemical manufacturing. RSW provides refining services for a number of silver and gold containing waste streams.

The facility was designed to process up to 30 million tz of silver reclaim annually through hydrolytic, pyrolytic and electrolytic processes. This makes RSW a premium partner for many refiners and consolidators of precious metal materials.



Common Materials accepted at RSW include:

•              Sludges/solids/filter cakes

•              Aqueous solutions

•              Manufacturing process wastes

•              Silver bar, flake, shot, powder (>85 wt% Ag)

•              Recycled silver or silver/gold coins

•              Ash generated from photographic materials


Process Chemist Bob Surash states “It is somewhat mesmerizing to think that RSW has the capability and capacity to refine 30 million troy ounces of silver annually. He adds “RSW is well positioned to do business with refiners and consolidators of precious metal materials due to our robust processes and geographic location.”

Rochester Silver Works is a full-service silver reclaim operation located in Rochester NY. The facility recycles and refines silver scrap and silver coated film to high quality recycled plastic (PET) and high purity silver and silver based chemicals (including silver nitrate and silver oxide) for use in a variety of manufacturing operations. RSW offers high volume capabilities and technical expertise in silver reclaim operations. A former Eastman Kodak operation, RSW is one of the leading silver reclaim operations in the US with over 90 years of industry experience.

Contact :       Chip Milligan

                     Director of Sales and Marketing